Maybe it’s the Baby Boomer in me, but Women’s History Month has catapulted me back in time to Home Economics class. In the 1960s and ’70s, our public schools reflected exactly what was expected of us girls. While the boys were in “shop,” we had to learn sewing, cooking, and typing.

At my public school, Home Ec started in junior high school. The room had an oven, two sewing machines, and tables, which we learned to set properly. In seventh grade, we had to master making an A-line skirt. Cutting out the paper pattern, pinning it onto the fabric —…

Dancing Alone With My Daughter

Katie Wallich leads a Dance Church Go class

“When you come out here, we’ll go to Dance Church together,” my daughter told me.

“Church?” I asked, thinking I misheard her. Jeanie was walking her dog, and our cell connection was spotty. Church? Organized religion was not something either of us went in for.

“No, Mom, it’s not a religious thing. It’s a big, public dance class. Dance Church is just the name. People come together, there’s an instructor, and everyone follows the moves and gets sweaty. It’s fun.”

So that was the plan. Early last March — just a year ago — I was heading out to Seattle…

“Get Cat”

I know, I know — they look angelic. That’s Lily, on the left, with her paws daintily crossed. Her brother Van Gogh is on the right. Lily’s nickname is “Magpie” because the girl is a thief. It started when she began picking up earrings off my bureau, carrying them in her mouth, and leaving them all over the house. Lily has expensive taste and recently upped her game to cashmere. She adores cashmere and has taken to pulling my sweaters off the hangers, and carrying them off to some place where she can cuddle up in them —…

Photo credit: Alex Brandon, Associated Press

From a distance, doesn’t this look a little like a wedding to you?

The rows of chairs in a garden setting. The two sides — bride’s and groom’s. A man and a woman standing in front of the assembled guests. (Not to say that all weddings are between men and women, although with the future Supreme Court who knows…?) The pretty white flowers everywhere. Photographers and videographers on the side. Everyone all dressed up for the happy occasion.

We all know this photo is actually of the Super Spreader event announcing the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to our nation’s…

An Instruction Manual

Many people assume that the process of getting a good night of sleep begins at bedtime. This is one of many misconceptions surrounding the subject of what poet’s call “death’s cousin.” But if you follow the simple steps below, you, too, will wake up rested, refreshed and ready to start your day!

The small type:

Results may vary

This product is non-refundable

Step 1.

Set a regular schedule. Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day and night to adjust your body to a natural rhythm.

Step 2.

Get plenty of fresh air…

About a month before the streets filled with protestors outraged by the murder of George Floyd, my husband and I devoted our time to walking them. Our presence was not born of politics or despair, but a reaction to Covid-19. Our county in suburban New York had been hit hard. When the weather warmed, we longed to get outside. The parks near us were either closed or dangerously crowded and we couldn’t travel. So we hit the pavement.

Back in March, during a stay-at-home-motivated basement decluttering, we came across an old paper street map of our town. Finding it prompted…

My former brother-in-law died this week from Covid-19. He’d been on a respirator for seven days.

There was no love between Carl and me. About 15 years ago, Carl walked out on my sister after 25 years of marriage. Julie was 50 at the time. I first met Carl when I was 19 and visiting my sister in Seattle. He was her new boyfriend. On that first trip, I caught Carl rummaging through her medicine cabinet, looking for any drugs she might not miss. When I tracked sand into my sister’s apartment after a day at the beach, Carl criticized…

Reflections on What We Found and Lost

In July of 1969, I was at summer camp in Maine. It was an all-girls “sleep-away” camp, and the season was a full eight weeks.

I loved camp. It was a world away from my life in the suburbs, and to me it felt like a world unto itself. We lived in wooden cabins with no electricity. We used outhouses and bathed and shampooed in the lake. (This was before people realized that the suds from our Breck and Prell shampoos weren’t great for the ecosystem.) …

Miriam Weinstein and her son Harvey Weinstein

What would Miriam Weinstein say? Yes, even Harvey Weinstein had a mother.

She passed away several years ago at age 90, so she didn’t live to see her golden boy and powerhouse film producer go on trial for multiple counts of sexual harassment. According to news reports, Mrs. Weinstein, photographed with her son above, was alternatively nagging and nurturing, offering advice on how to run her son’s movie studio and also bringing him pastries.

Harvey Weinstein is back in the news-he’s reportedly agreed to a $44 million deal to settle the lawsuits against him. But he isn’t the only, let alone the latest, powerful man to be brought down by allegations of…

Kate Stone Lombardi

Journalist/author. Contributor NYT 20+ years. Also WSJ,, GH, more. Author: Mama’s Boy Myth (Penguin/Avery 2012). Cook. Parent. Queen Latifah fan.

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