Are Your Friends Test-Worthy?

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Reevaluating Friendships Through A Pandemic

“We don’t even have time to see the people we like!”

That was my Mom’s unfiltered response when one of her sister-in-laws called to make plans to get together.

This happened years ago, and at the time I was appalled by…

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Here are a few phrases that make me want to throw your book against a wall

Dear Male Writers Depicting Female Body Parts,

Currently, I am judging a literary contest. Well, “literary” may be too strong a statement. Let’s just say I’m reviewing novels. The winners will get awards that lead to better sales. To be clear, these are not self-published works, but books published by…

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Yesterday, I was reviewing the transcript of a recorded interview. I’d asked a professor specializing in cognitive function about learning new language. “I’ll just ask Moses,” she said in response. What the? I checked the original audio, which revealed her actual response as, “Just by osmosis.”

We can edit genomes…


I’m Begging You to Stop Before Civilization As We Know It Ends

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Dearest Manglers,

Is there some reason why you insist on using nouns as verbs?

For the record, “journaling” is not a word. A journal is a book in which you chronicle your thoughts. You write in a journal. But you do not “journal.” Do I see you “diarying” instead of…

Kate Stone Lombardi

Journalist/author. Contributor NYT 20+ years. Also WSJ,, GH, more. Author: Mama’s Boy Myth (Penguin/Avery 2012). Cook. Parent. Queen Latifah fan.

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